The Old Marketing Strategies No Longer Work -- What are you Going To Do?

Ten things I hear constantly from Content Management and Intelligent Automation C-level executives:

Company-specific Thought Leadership:

1 — “We are having a difficult time engaging new C-level customers.”

2 — “Potential customers just don’t understand the core value we can deliver.”

3 — “We need a seasoned industry perspective on our Board.”

Content Strategy and Company Positioning:

4 — “Our messaging just doesn’t cut through the sea of technology marketing noise.”

5 — “We seem stuck in our messaging and positioning and need an outside perspective -- but from someone that actually understands our industry and what it does and is skilled in communicating this to current and prospective customers.”

6 — “Our content marketing strategy lacks coherence and purpose -- it consists of random webinars, a few trade shows, an occasional case study, and some email blasts, organized by a junior level person, and with little measurement of actual results.”

7 — “Our people in the field just do not know how to make an educational presentation geared to the needs of end users. When pressed, they just trot out the product brochures and powerpoints.”

Content Marketing Implementation and Execution:

8 — “We work with an agency that doesn’t seem to have any idea at all of what we actually do and we spend endless cycles explaining it to them. We are constantly being charged by our agency for everything.”

9 — “We tried implementing a marketing automation solution.  It was way overhyped; it might be good software, but we could never figure out how to make it work.”

10 — “We have a difficult time attracting people with the kind of modern quantitative marketing skills we need.”

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